We work for our clients period, and foster long-term relationships with industry professionals and the clients we serve.

Fund Management

We offer our clients a simple investing process in real estate secured loans based on time-tested concepts. Investors will have an opportunity to invest in a sector that is generally the domain of the major banks, while to enjoy the higher returns.

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The profiles of 100% real estate secured loans has a low correlation to the equities market, and presents an alternative investment solution for investors seeking low volatility and fixed income. The loans portfolio is diversified across a variety of borrowers, Australian real property and locations. The borrower’s property is held as security against the loan until the loan is repaid, this provide capital preservation with fixed income.

Distressed Asset Management

Our distressed asset team provides a unique set of opportunities to an attractive asset class for institutional investors, and can offer targeted exposure to particular strategies, geographies and investments.

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At Sterling & Freeman we are positioned to access these distressed assets through strong underwriting process and deep sourcing network while other firms may have difficulty in accessing these opportunities.

Our investment team typically focuses on privately negotiated transactions with key financial institutions rather than competitive end stage auctions – avoiding stable trophy-type assets where it is less likely to achieve returns. We believe that this approach lends itself to more advantageous pricing, flexible structuring and better investment returns.

Our strong relationships across the financial sector provide Sterling & Freeman with excellent and sometimes exclusive access to off-market transaction flow.

Corporate Finance

We are a trusted capital market professional and non-bank lender to a range of reputable companies and valuable clients Australia wide. Over the years, we have strived to structure tailored, innovative financing solutions that create value for our clients.

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Financing is a central issue for our clients and we offer customized finance solutions to SMEs Australia wide. We can also offer you structured solutions to improve cash flow and decrease risk for your customer financing portfolio.

With our market acumen and industry expertise, we originate, structure, execute and underwrite a broad array of loans in business and real estate finance. We have a specialist team that focuses on primary loan distribution deal management and execution, and managing secondary loan activity.

We subsequently act as your single point of contact in the day-to-day administration of the loan through our loan agency department.


We maintain resilience and flexibility in order to adapt operations to the prevailing market conditions.